LAU Students From India Depart For Their MD in Guyana

Another batch of students took their departure to continue their MBBS/MD in Guyana at Lincoln American University, on 20th January 2022, after completing their pre-med part of curriculum in India. The batch of students earlier reported to the Delhi Administrative Headoffice of Lincoln American University to get their final documentation. Keeping up with the surging cases of the omincrone variant of COvid-19  in the Indian subcontinent, the staff and the visitor followed proper precautionary and statutory measures during the process. The students were also given a token of luck in the form of a stethoscope, the much adored and respected jewel of the profession. After the completion of all the formalities the students departed to Guyana from the IGI Airport. 

The students were accompanied by their friends, family and LAU staff to the airport as they bid their farewell to the students and wished them luck for their upcoming journey.

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