Students of LAU Start Their Clinical Rotations At Max Hospital, India

Medical education at LAU is an extremely popular choice for many Indian students. The US based course curriculum often entices several Indian students every year. 

Recently, the 4th year Indian students at LAU participated in an induction session in regards to their clinical rotation at Max Hospital, Delhi.  The students would soon be joining India’s leading Healthcare chain, Max Hospital, for their clinical rotation as mandated by the curriculum for their remaining course duration. 

During this period, the students would be supervised in several fields by the resident doctor of the hospital, which would help them in learning better in the practical scenario. The students would learn to use their attained knowledge from the previous year in its application format and resolve real life concerns of the patients.

The event was also marked as the orientation of the fresh batch of students who would be joining the pre-med program at LAU. As a part of the program, the newly enrolled students would be studying in Sharda University and Singhania University for a year before joining the Guyana campus of LAU. The students were orientated about their course, their subjects and overall curriculum by their teachers .

We wish all these students who joined the occasion good luck for their upcoming journey and hope to see them becoming a responsible and successful doctor in the future.

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