Students Departure To Guyana After Pre-med Program Completion 2021

After successfully completing their pre-medical program in Sharda University, India, a batch of students took their departure to proceed to their next phase of MD program at the campus of LAU in Guyana. The batch of students earlier reported to the Delhi administrative office of Lincoln American University to get their official documentation done on 4th December 2021.  After fulfilling all the official documentation, the students were guided for their further journey & stay in Guyana by the counsellors. The students also met the Vice-Chancellor of LAU, Air Marshal (Retd.) Dr Pawan Kapoor.

The students successfully boarded their flights to Guyana on 6th Dec 2021 to join the LAU campus for the coming academic sessions. The students were accompanied by their friends and family members who wished them good luck for their journey ahead. The teary students and parents finally bid farewell to each other at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. 

We hope all the students have a happy & safe flight and we look forward to welcoming you to our campus.

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