The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

Lincoln American University has been the leader of not just medical education and training but also of that of research excellence.The devoted team of experts and specialists of cardiology have recently added another feather to their collection of achievements. 

The team of some of the top cardiologists headed by Dr. Omar Hallak , Head of Cardiovascular Department and Consultation Interventional Cardiologist with Dr. Mehmood Butt, Dr. Tamkeen A. Kinah and the other constituted the exceptional cardiologist team which successfully conducted the first transcatheter device closure of the atrial septal defect last week.

A human heart is divided into four chambers, two on the upper side and two on the lower. In certain scenarios, at the time of the birth, the partition between the upper chambers of the heart dissolves creating a hole. It deeply affects the growth of the child into the later years of the development if it stays unnoticed and ungoverned.

Transcatheter device closure of ventricular septal defects (VSDs) is an attractive and feasible alternative to surgical closure of congenital VSDs. It is one of the least invasive techniques to treat the defect with quick recovery reducing the physical and physiological impact.

The work of the team followed the process of inserting the device to a vein in leg and slowly advanced towards the heart. The device is pushed through the defect and is retracted to seat it. This procedure proved to be a great success. The patient is recovering well and will soon resume to everyday life.

The team that conducted this process included the professors of Lincoln American University like Dr. Tamkeen A. Kinah who is the visiting professor at the medical faculty of pathology of the university. 

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