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Whatever queries you may have regarding medical education in Guyana, admission at Lincoln American University or general questions regarding MBBS abroad, chances are you’ll get an answer in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) specially designed to answer frequent queries of our students like you.

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How can I apply to Lincoln American University?

You can apply online from the Lincoln American University website or visit the nearest office of the University to apply offline.

To get admission to Lincoln American University, the first step is to contact the University Counselors who will check your eligibility. To contact our counselors, you can Live Chat, call/ WhatsApp us or fill the contact form online. You can find our regional contact details on the Contact Us page.

As soon as we hear from you, one of our counselors will get in touch with you and will guide you through the entire application process and required documents. Apart from application and admission assistance, Visa support is also provided to international students.

Why should I do the one-year Pre-Medical Program at Sharda University and then four years of MD Program at Lincoln American University if I want to study the entire 5-Year MD Program at Lincoln American University?

For Indian Students* who want to complete all the five years of MD Program at LAU campus in South America, NEET is mandatory.

For Indian Students who have not qualified NEET and want to start their Medical Education without further delay, we provide the Pre-Medical Program at Sharda University, India.

During the one-year Pre-Med Program at Sharda University, NEET coaching is also provided to students to help them clear NEET in the upcoming attempt. So, our collaboration with Sharda University helps NEET unqualified students save one year and study the Pre-Medical Program alongside the preparation for NEET. Once they qualify NEET and complete Pre-Med Program, they will complete the next four years of the MD Program in our Guyana Campus.

Students who have already qualified NEET are eligible for direct admission in LAU and can complete all the five years of study in Guyana, South America.

Indian Students here means students who are citizens or overseas citizens of India.

What is the duration of MBBS Course?

Lincoln American University offers MD Program which is equivalent to MBBS Course. The total duration of the course is five years.

1st year of the Program comprises the Pre-Medical Program which can be completed in India or Guyana.

2nd and 3rd year of the Program comprise the Pre-Clinical Program which is completed in LAU Guyana Campus.

4th and the 5th year of the Program comprise the Clinical Rotations Program which provides the opportunity to get clinical training and medical experiences in affiliated hospitals across countries in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean depending on the choice of the students.

What is the loan process? Does University assist in getting a loan?

While we don’t provide any financial services, we do assist our students in the process of getting education loans and financial aid, wherever feasible.

Once you register with us, we issue a provisional acceptance letter. The provisional letter helps the financial institutions in understanding the purpose of your loan and is proof of your commitment to medical education which makes it easier to get financial help.

Further, account and finance professionals in our Accounts and Admission Department may assist you during loan procedure at the discretion of the University. For more details in this regard, you may contact your counselor.

What is the fees structure for 5 years MD Program at Lincoln American University?

Total tuition fees for 5-Year MD Program at Lincoln American University is $ 35,000

Further, the cost of Airfare, food cost of $100 per month and accommodation cost of $200 per month is charged separately.

In case you opt for clinical rotations in the United States, separate charges for clinical rotations are applicable.

Accordingly, the total cost of the 5-Year MD Program comes at around $53,000. Break-up of entire cost is tabulated for better understanding:



5-Year Tuition Fees


Food for five years


Accommodation for five years


Total Cost


Do you provide scholarship or discounts on admissions?

We offer discounts to students who have scored more than 90% aggregate marks in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the 12th Standard Examinations.

In other cases, no discounts or scholarship are provided, given the fact that we are already providing students with one of the most affordable options to pursue international-standard and quality medical education in Guyana. Current fees structure support us to keep our affordable MD Program sustainable for current as well as future students and maintain the adequate infrastructure required to deliver the quality we promise.

However, we do consider some exceptional cases for discounts and scholarship and also assist students in getting aid from financial institutions.

What is your security arrangements for girl students?

For girl students, we provide separate hostel facilities which are guarded by 24/7 security and dedicated warden. Further, we give the students University transportation facilities for safe travel.

Also, girls in hostels are strictly supervised and are not allowed to go out in the late night. In case of any urgent work at night, they can contact the hostel staff who will take care of the urgency. Apart from maintaining these specific security arrangements, we have built a culture of friendliness, safety, and security for all the University members ensuring the well-being of all and an environment of academic excellence.

Will University help me in Visa Process?

Yes! Our dedicated Visa Department helps all our international students in getting their Visa.

We prepare Visa applications on behalf of our students at no additional cost. In case of urgent applications, we also represent our students in the concerned embassy and get their Visa processed on an early basis.

How can I do clinical rotations in North America?

Clinical rotations in North America may be provided in affiliated hospitals associated with the University during your clinical years.

Currently, depending on the choice of students, we offer clinical rotations in countries across Asia, South America with developing opportunities in Africa and North America.

Can we get a Visa for complete five years?

No. Guyanese Student Visa is allotted for a maximum period of three years in one instance. However, the same can be renewed for another three years.

Before Visa expiry, you can contact our team of Visa experts who will prepare your Visa renewal application and get it renewed for you.

What is the fees for clinical rotations in North America and the Carrabian region?

Depending on the choice of country in the Caribbean and North America, charges for clinical rotations vary from $100 per week to $300 per week.

If a student wants to do MBBS after graduation what is the exact criteria?

Students who have qualified their 12th Standard Examinations from the medical stream and hold graduation in medical science, are directly admitted to our 4-Year MD Program.

Medical Science Graduates are not required to undergo the Pre-Medical Program and can complete the MD Program in 4 years. MD Program of Lincoln American University is equivalent to MBBS.

Do I need to give MCI exam after completion of MBBS from Lincoln American University?

If, after completion of MD Program at Lincoln American University, you wish to practice in India, you need to give MCI screening test to get a license to practice in India.

Is Loan available on agricultural land?

While we are not an expert in financial services, in our experience of assisting previous students in getting education loans, sanctions were not made in case of agricultural land citing the reason that revenue from agriculture land is not fixed.

Can Non-NEET qualified students take admission in Lincoln American University?

Lincoln American University is an MCI-recognized medical university, and all the Indian Students* need to clear NEET-UG to get admission to Lincoln American University.

MCI, from time to time, may grant an exemption to students from NEET and allow admissions for students who have not qualified NEET. In that case, students are admitted without NEET.

Indian Students here means students who are citizens or overseas citizens of India.

What is the medium of instruction at Lincoln American University?

English is the medium of instruction at Lincoln American University which is also used for all the communications in the University.

Further, English is also the official language of country Guyana, where Lincoln America University is situated.

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