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Eligibility And Admission Criteria For MBBS In Caribbean

Thinking if you should go for MBBS in the Caribbean?

The answer is a big YES!

The medical universities of Carribean are becoming one of the most preferred destinations for MBBS. Top quality education coupled with the amazing environment of the Caribbean makes it a calm and safe atmosphere for studying.

Caribbean’s medical colleges not only give the best education but also global exposure which opens tons of career opportunities for the students. 

How to apply and are you eligible?

This article will clear all your questions about the eligibility and admission criteria.

About Caribbean

Caribbean is the region of America that surrounds the coast of the Caribbean sea. The Caribbean islands boast of unique and historical sights. Caribbean has the amazing spectacle of marine bioluminescence to underwater sinkholes hundreds of feet deep.

The calm, safe and learning environment of the Caribbean attracts students to study MBBS in Caribbean from around the world. Students come here for global exposure and knowledge.

The Eligibility

Following are the eligibility criteria for admission in Medical Universities of the Caribbean:

Eligibility criteria is different for reserved and unreserved category students.
Reserved Category(SC/ST/OBC): With Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Class 12th, students must have secured 40% as per the MCI guidelines.

Unreserved Category: With a score of 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Class 12th, students are eligible for MBBS admission.

The Admission Criteria 

No Need For Entrance Exam

Only the student’s performance in Class 12th is required for admission into the MBBS degree in the Caribbean. No need for any entrance exam score for admission into the top medical colleges of the Caribbean.

Simple Admission Procedure

Don’t waste a year! The medical colleges in the Caribbean accept applications all year round. It is accepted on a rolling basis. On fulfillment of the eligibility criteria, the application is accepted. The student is admitted into the medical seat in the upcoming batch.

No Donation

Unlike the private medical colleges of India, medical universities of the Caribbean do not invite or accept any donation. The admission process is very simple and does not require any complex formalities.

Final Thoughts

Studying MBBS in the Caribbean not only gives the opportunity to learn from the best teachers but also an opportunity to experience a whole new atmosphere. The environment is most favourable for studies. 

The course is not only pocket friendly but also designed to make world-class doctors.

MBBS in the Caribbean will open the doors for you. Embark on your medical journey and build a career that you always dreamt of! 

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