Davis Memorial Hospital & Clinic, Guyana

Davis Memorial Hospital & Clinic is a prominent medical care provider in the country of Guyana. While the inception of this notable hospital goes back to 1952, it was officially opened in 1967. From its humble beginnings in the late sixties, the hospital has earned remarkable respect and grown into one of the most sought-after hospitals of Guyana.

Davis Memorial Hospital is named as such in the honor of Elder Davis, the pioneer of Seventh-day Adventist Community in Guyana which is involved in doing and encouraging the good work for community with deep involvement in health, education, outreach, and other welfare activities.

The hospital efficiently offers a range of services to Guyanese including Dental, Radiological, Laboratory, Surgical, Pharmacy, Emergency care, Ambulance service, Nursing, and Inpatient care, etc. To provide quality and specialized services to the people in Guyana, Davis Memorial Hospital deploys highly specialized physicians, not only from home country, but from India, USA, Philippines, Argentina, and other regions worldwide.
Key facts About Davis Memorial Hospital & Clinic, Guyana

Year of Establishment



Georgetown, Guyana

Hospital Beds Capacity


Hospital Management

Davis Memorial Hospital Board

Specialties & Services of Davis Memorial Hospital & Clinic




Diabetes and Endocrinology

Emergency Services

Infectious Disease Care

Inpatient & Nursing

Laboratory Services

Maternity & Child Healthcare

Nutrition Services

Outpatient Clinics


Physical Therapy

Primary Care

Primary Care



Other Socialized Services

Clinical Rotations at Davis Memorial Hospital & Clinic for Lincoln American University Students

We, at Lincoln American University, are proud to count Davis Memorial Hospital & Clinic of Guyana among our list of affiliated hospitals for clinical training of our students during the Clinical Sciences Program.

Wide range of services offered by Davis Memorial Hospital help the students gain experience in diverse domains of medicine during their clinical clerkship phase of MD in Guyana and become well-versed medical professionals.



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We provide knowledge to help to relieve the pain & discomfort of those in need.
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We believe in the evidence-based practice of medicine.
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