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Exploring opportunities

It is really difficult for students to find the suitable university of their choice. Before selecting a university students look for different parameters like -

  1. University should be situated in a dream country
  2. Degree should be globally recognised
  3. University should be affordable
  4. Faculty and teaching methods of the university should be up to the required standards
  5. Environment and surroundings should be healthy and safe .

Benefits of studying in Lincoln American University

The students are not required to take any entrance examination like MCAT, IELTS or TOEFL.

  1. Clinical Rotations can be pursued in US/UK/Malaysia.
  2. The Curriculum followed by the university is USMLE focused and proper USMLE coaching is also provided to all the students studying in the university
  3. University accepts applications of students for our top MD Program three times a year – January, May and September.
  4. The students from abroad come here and pursue their dream career at a very affordable cost.
  5. The faculty of Lincoln American University comprises of the top researchers, physicians and specialists from reputed universities around the world.
  6. There is no requirement of appearing for Medical Council of india Screen test after completing three steps of USMLE.

Academic Requirements for Medical Admission in Lincoln American University

To register we look for applicants who have completed their undergraduate degree and received the same from an accredited College or University. The subjects following subjects are necessary for candidates to be accepted into a medical school are:

  1. Chemistry with associated lab
  2. Organic Chemistry with associated lab
  3. Biology with associated lab
  4. Physics with associated lab
  5. English
  6. Calculus or other advanced Math, including Statistics

Why Lincoln American University ?

Lincoln American University is situated in Guyana , Guyana is the only English speaking country in South America .Guyana is on the northeastern shoulder of South America, bounded on the north by the Atlantic Ocean, on the east by Suriname, on the northwest by Venezuela, and on the south and southwest by Brazil. The capital city is Georgetown.The climate is subtropical and rainy. The average temperature at Georgetown is 27°c (81°f).

Lincoln American University's main motto is to provide high standard medical education to all the students .The University is equipped with advanced and progressive technology and infrastructure .The faculty is well educated from reputed universities and highly professional. The classes in LAU are conducted in English language and the course curriculum is designed as per the best medical schools in Caribbean Islands and USA. The curriculum of LAU is USMLE based and focuses on training physicians in various fields of medicine along with extensive hands-on patient care training as a part of their professional development process.Students are provided with healthy and multi-cultural environment along with all the basic amenities and updated modern technology in Health care delivery.

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