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After NEET Medical Career Guide: MBBS in India, Abroad & MD in America.

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (UG) [“NEET-UG” or “NEET] is an entrance examination for Indian students who want to pursue medical courses like MBBS (Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Surgery) or MD (Doctor of Medicine) or dental courses like BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), in India or outside India. 


[NEET is not applicable for admission to medical programs offered by All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER). Both these institutions conduct their own medical entrance test instead of NEET.]


NEET is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) each year in May while results are announced in June. After NEET, students await their exam results for about a month. Once the results are out, NEET scores of the students determine their eligibility to get a medical seat in India and their chances to get admission to a government medical university or a private medical university. 


NEET 2019 was conducted on May 05, 2019 and the results are going to be announced on June 5, 2019. Now, students are eagerly waiting for their results and NEET score, which will determine their eligibility to get admission for MBBS or MD Program in MCI-Recognized medical universities in India or abroad.


Well, if you are one of those medical aspirants who are waiting for their NEET results and need guidance for a medical career plan, you have landed at the right page. In this After NEET Medical Career Guide, we will go through all the opportunities that NEET qualified have in India and abroad. 


Note: Before we start, we would like to make it clear that this post is not the typical post on “What After NEET” and doesn’t elaborate on the details of how to apply for admissions to MBBS colleges in India. Instead, this post is dedicated to lacs of students who find it hard to get admission into a medical university in India, maybe, due to low NEET score or hefty amount of donations, tuition, and other fees charged by private medical universities in India, or other reasons, whatsoever. Without further ado, let’s explore the world of opportunities and medical career options once your NEET results are out.

💡In this post, you will also find a complete pathway to become a doctor, no matter what NEET score you get, no matter if you qualify NEET or not. So, put your anxiety aside and go on with our After NEET Medical Career Guide.Team, Lincoln American University, School of Medicine


An Analysis of Present Ecosystem of NEET & Medical Seats in India

In the pursuit to fulfill their ambition to become doctors, each year, lacs of medical aspirants appear in NEET which filters students who qualify to pursue undergraduate medical, dental and other healthcare programs and puts a check on the eligibility of the students who are looking forward to pursuing a career in medicine.


While the majority of NEET candidates want to become doctors, NEET is the gateway for getting admission into other medical programs as well including Dental and AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy) Programs. Accordingly, the purpose of all the students who appear for NEET can be divided into three major categories:

  • Admission to MBBS College/ University;
  • Admission to BDS College/ University; and
  • Admission to AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy) Medical Programs

As per the reported NEET statistics, about 15,19,000 students from all across India appeared in NEET 2019 examination. Out of those, approximately 7,50,000 students will be able to qualify NEET, given the 50th percentile qualification criteria of NEET (45th percentile in case of people with benchmark disability and 40th percentile in case of reserved categories). The total number of MBBS seats available in India is just about 67,000, while BDS seats and AYUSH seats stand at about 27,000 and 30,000 respectively. To make sense out of these numbers, let’s draw a tabulated analysis:

Sl. No.


No. of students


No. of NEET Aspirants in 2019



The approximate number of students who will clear NEET 2019



No. of MBBS seats available in India (approx.)



No. of BDS Seats available in India (approx.)



No. of AYUSH Seats available in India (approx.)



Total Seats for medical programs (3+4+5)



Further seats required to accommodate all NEET Qualified Students (2-6)



From the above analysis, we can well understand that the demand for medical seats is much higher compared to the supply. As per the tabulated summary, approximately 6,26,000 NEET Qualified Students are yet to be accommodated to let them pursue their career in medicine. The same scenario repeats for each year, with a slight difference in numbers. 


India is yet to develop a system to accommodate all the medical aspirants in the country. Currently, only a few students with top scores get admission in government medical universities in India. Rest of the students have to resort to private medical universities which charge hefty amount in donations and tuition charges. For other students with low NEET scores or limited financial means, dream of studying medicine in India quite fades away, but not the dream of becoming a doctor and that’s where the concept of MBBS and medical education abroad comes in. 

Foreign Medical Education: MBBS Abroad

Given the acute shortage of medical seats in India, medical education abroad has become a very lucrative option for aspiring doctors in India. Each year, a growing number of students go to foreign countries to chase their dream of becoming a doctor. Students with substantial financial resources and good scores switch to countries like USA, Canada, UK, etc. while students with limited financial resources who are looking for quality programs go for medical education in Guyana, Barbados, Russia, China, Ukraine, Bangladesh, and other affordable countries.


Foreign medical universities which are recognized by the Medical Council of India offer an exciting opportunity to pursue medical education abroad at an affordable price. Medical graduates from these universities can come back to India, qualify MCI screening test, and start their medical practice in India. That’s not all. Well-recognized medical universities like Lincoln American University offers programs based on US-based medical curriculum and their medical qualification is valid in India, USA, Canada, and several countries worldwide. Apart from global recognition and the tag of an International Medical Graduate, there are many other benefits of opting for foreign medical education. To explore more, let’s go through the next section, “Why Study Medicine Abroad.”

Why Study Medicine Abroad

While there are many advantages of studying medicine abroad, in this section we’ll limit our discussion to the context of NEET: 

Skip the Stiff Competition

In India, the number of medical aspirants applying for admission to medical universities in very high compared to the number of seats available. Even the high NEET score achievers are not able to get admissions due to stiff competition. If you have qualified NEET, even with a low score, you can opt for studying MBBS in an MCI-recognized foreign medical university and skip the uncertainty and severe competition to win an MBBS seat prevailing in India. 

No Need for Huge Funds

While government medical universities are affordable, fees structures of private medical universities in India are so high that even the students with very high NETT score may not get the admission due to financial constraints. For MD or MBBS admission in countries like Guyana, you don’t need considerable funds to get admission. For example, at Lincoln American University, one can complete the entire MD Program and medical education in South America in just $53,000 (including admissions, tuition, exam fees, and hostel and mess facility).

Gateway to Medical Practice in The United States

When it comes to the quality of medical education, you get a great package in medical education abroad. Well-recognized foreign medical colleges follow international-standard US-based medical curriculum. Few medical colleges in America like Lincoln American University also provides support in the preparation of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), a three-step examination for medical licensure in the United States. Post USMLE qualification, you are eligible to get medical licensure in India, the United States, and several other countries worldwide. 

Simple Admission Process 

Many medical universities abroad offer hassle-free, one window admission process. For example, if you are looking for medical education in America’s Caribbean region, most of the universities there only need your NEET result card along with school academic records. Unlike India, no entrance examination or donation is demanded. 

Sometimes, Medical Education Abroad Is the Last Resort to Pursue Your Dream Career

High competition to get a spot in government medical universities, mountaineering cost of private medical education in the country leaves many students to the rescue of MBBS abroad. So, if you are not able to study medicine in India for whatever reasons, don’t let go of your dream of becoming a doctor. Just switch to your last resort: medical education abroad.

What After NEET: Considering Scenarios & Career Options After NEET

When you think about your NEET exam results, the first thing that must come to your mind is: “Would I be able to Qualify?” Next big thing is your NEET score and your name in the merit list! Well, considering all these aspects revolving in your curious mind, let’s consider different after NEET result scenarios and career options after NEET:  

NEET Qualification Status


NEET Score

Financial Arrangement

Viable Career Option



Very High: Eligible for admission in Government medical universities

Get admission in government medical university


High: Eligible for admission in private medical universities

Get admission in private medical university or look for cost-effective options for medical education abroad



Explore affordable options for medical education abroad or consider re-appearing in NEET


Low: Ineligible for admission in government or private medical universities



Below qualification mark

Not Applicable

To be discussed in a later section of the post

Now, we will discuss each “After NEET Career Option” in detail, for different result cases. Let’s start.

Case A: Very High NEET Score - Eligible for Admission in Government Medical Universities in India

Admission in a government medical university is the best possible scenario a medical aspirant in India can think of. If you score high enough to get admission to government medical universities in India, you would like to grab the opportunity and get yourself a medical seat. In government medical universities, fees structure is very reasonable, and the quality of education is also assured. 

Case B: High NEET Score: Eligible for Admission in Private Medical Universities in India & Finances Are Available

In case you are eligible to get admission to private medical university in India, and you also have financial arrangement (family finances, education loan, scholarship, or in any other form) to take care of the expenses and exorbitant fees of private medical institutions, you may be willing to book the seat and start your medical education in India. 


Alternatively, since you have qualified NEET and you are well on finances too, you may also explore the cost-effective options to pursue medical education abroad where you can get international exposure and come out of the comfort zone of your country. Further, studying medicine abroad will also earn you a label of “International Medical Graduate,” which will be very impressive in your medical career ahead. 

Case C: High NEET Score: Eligible for Admission in Private Medical Universities in India But Finances Are Not Available

In case your NEET score is good enough to get you into a private medical university in India, but the option is not viable considering the financial situation, you can look for affordable opportunities for medical education abroad. 


Alternatively, you can wait for one year, re-prepare for NEET in the hope for even better marks to get admission in a government medical university in India. *

Case D: Low NEET Score: Ineligible for Admission in Government or Private Medical Universities in India & Finances Are Available

In case you qualify NEET, but the score is not high enough to get you a medical seat in India, you have the option to explore the medical universities abroad and find an MCI-Recognized medical university that best suit your finances, language, culture, and academic expectations. 


Alternatively, you can wait for one year, re-prepare for NEET in the hope for even better marks to get admission in a private or government medical university in India. *


* The option to drop one year solely for NEET re-preparation in pursuit of higher NEET score will cost you one year of your life with no guaranteed results. If you qualify NEET, even with a low score, we suggest you go for an affordable foreign medical university as the level of competition for NEET is rising every year. Despite all the hard work and dedication, success in NEET is not guaranteed, especially when it comes to top the list to get admission in government medical universities in India. 

Case E: NEET Score Below Qualification Mark

If, unfortunately, your NEET score falls below the minimum score required to qualify NEET, be patient. First and foremost, don’t lose hope. You have lost nothing, but an entrance exam that comes back to you every year. You have got plenty of opportunities. 


If you are yet to qualify NEET, we have an exceptional Program for you: Pre-Medical Program at Lincoln American University (Guyana, South America) in collaboration with Sharda University (India), followed by a 4-Year MD Program at Lincoln American University in Guyana. 


Under the program, you will be admitted to Lincoln American University’s Pre-Medical Program of 1-Year and study Pre-Medical as LAU Student at Sharda University in India. During the one year of Pre-Medical, you can simultaneously prepare for the next term of NEET and qualify the exam next year. 


Once you complete your one-year Pre-Medical program and qualify NEET, you will be admitted to the 4-Year MD Program of Lincoln American University which is composed of 2 years of Basic Sciences Program taught at Guyana Campus and 2 years of Clinical Sciences Program in which you will get clinical training in the country of your choice from the list of available options provided by the University. 


Pre-Medical Program of Lincoln American University in collaboration with Sharda University provides students an incredible opportunity to continue their medical journey without taking a year off from their life. During the Pre-Medical Program, students not only prepare for NEET but also complete their 1-Year term from the 5-Year Medical Program for MD in America. 


Remember: There is no such thing as failure. Life, career, and everything else are all about experiences that foster learning and make a difference. If you could not make it this time, no worries. The world of opportunities has not ended. Take a break, relax your mind, regain your energy, set to the exam preparation for the next term, give your best and rest assured – you will qualify, and you will become a doctor.

About Lincoln American University

Lincoln American University, School of Medicine (LAU) is one of the fastest growing and well-recognized Caribbean medical colleges in South America situated in Georgetown, the capital city of Guyana. The University was founded to bridge the gap between means and the ability to get a quality medical education and provides an affordable opportunity to study medicine in America. 


Currently, University offers an International-Standard medical program for MD in Guyana (equivalent to MBBS) which is recognized in India, USA, Canada, and other countries worldwide. 150+ students from Guyana, India, Nepal, Africa, and other regions worldwide are studying medicine in Guyana Campus of the University and moving forward in their journey of becoming a doctor. 


Lincoln American University Advantages:

Affordable: Fees structures of LAU is one of the lowest in the entire American region. The entire MD Program can be completed in an estimated amount of $53,000 (including Admission, tuition, exam, hostel and mess charges).


Simple Admission Process: LAU follows simple, merit-based admission approach. You don’t need to pay any donation. Admission acceptance is primarily based on NEET qualification. If you qualify NEET, you qualify for admission. 


MCI-Recognized University: LAU is recognized by the Medical Council of India. LAU graduates can start clinical practice in India after clearance of the MCI screening test.


USMLE Support: Curriculum of LAU MD Program is based on US medical curriculum and complied with USMLE requirements. LAU has a tie-up with Kaplan, the world’s largest provider of USMLE preparation facilities. Once you qualify USMLE, you are eligible for medical licensure in India, the United States, and several other countries worldwide. 


English Medium: Guyana, South American country, which is home to LAU Campus, is an English-speaking country. At LAU, English is used for all the communications. You don’t need to learn any language. 


40% Population of Indian Origin: In Guyana, you will feel at home with friendly people of Guyana of whom about 40% are of Indian origin. 


Globally Recognized University: Besides recognition from MCI, LAU is listed in World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), certified by Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), registered with Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), and National Accreditation Council of Guyana (NAC, Guyana).


LAU is also a member of Global Alliance Medical Education (GAME) and Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), international organizations promoting excellence in healthcare. 


100+ Indian Students in Campus: In our Georgetown Campus, about 100+ Indian students are studying medicine and pursuing their dream medical career. Besides, students from countries across Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean are enrolled in LAU’s MD Program (equivalent to MBBS in Caribbean) and feel proud to be a part of one of the finest medical colleges in South America. 


An Enriching Campus Life: Situated in Georgetown, the capital and largest city of Guyana, LAU Campus offers  enriching learning and fulfilling life experiences amidst pristine Caribbean beauty, great Guyana culture and all things Guyana has to offer, not to mention, beaches, mountains, rivers, soothing atmosphere and pleasant climate of this hidden gem of Caribbean. 


State-of-the-art Medical Infrastructure: At LAU, we have fully equipped laboratories including Anatomy Lab, Microbiology Lab, Physics & Chemistry Lab, Computer Lab, classrooms with modern teaching facilities and other amenities required to provide medical education in Caribbean at the pace of technology and the changing world of healthcare. 


International Exposure & Employment: LAU offers clinical training in affiliated teaching hospitals in Guyana, and countries across Asia, and the Caribbean with developing opportunities in the USA, Canada, and other countries. Cross-border clinical experiences prepare you for the global practice of medicine and enhance your employment and career opportunities at a global level. Further, there is no scarcity of top-notch employment for International Medical Graduates and you will become one post your medical graduation from Lincoln American University.

We Invite You to Become A Doctor

We invite you and all the medical aspirants who are looking forward to an affordable opportunity to get a quality medical education and become a doctor - Go on, apply for medical education in Guyana, enroll in our MCI-Recognized medical Program, come to our Georgetown Campus, and study medicine in one of the finest medical colleges in South America.


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