The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

Lincoln American University (LAU) recently participated in the Grand MBBS Admission Expo in Patna. The Expo reached Lemon Tree Premier in Patna on 16th June and proved to be a huge success for the university and the students alike. The event provided the students the opportunity to connect with representatives of more than 25 universities from over 7 countries.

LAU provided the students the opportunity to interact with their representatives and discuss the prospects of doing an MBBS abroad. The attendees asked their questions regarding admissions, eligibility, and the application process. They also availed the scholarships and discounts and understood the fee structure of the MBBS program.

Personal guidance sessions at the Expo proved to be a huge success for the university. Enthusiastic students enquired about the program structure, career prospects, and university life in Guyana from the representatives of LAU. Many students initiated their admission process for MBBS at LAU at the expo.

The expo took the shape of an open forum where the students and university representatives freely discussed the opportunities for MBBS abroad. 

The positive response of students underscored the success of the event and LAU’s participation. The university is extremely encouraged by the participation of the students and promised its presence in future Expos.

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