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5 Tips For A Successful Student Life In Guyana

Being an international student in a land of unknown sure can be an exciting experience. As an international student, you may face some challenges and difficulty while adjusting in a new set-up.

Though, Lincoln American University leaves no stone unturned to make you comfortable, but a lot depends upon your personal characteristics. Getting a medical degree anywhere in the world is certainly not a piece of cake, apart from the hectic classrooms schedule where you have to work extremely hard, there are lot of things that you can only do in this period and make it memorable. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy balance between your studies and life.

Medicine is a profession ought by many but sought by a few. If you are among of those lucky ones and have already made your mind about studying MBBS in the best medical university of Guyana, Lincoln American University, and are a little worried about the ways to get the maximum of this lifetime experience. Than here are a few tips which can help you in adjusting and living upto fullest potential in your student life:

1. Find a Mentor

Medical universities in Guyana prioritise in proving a  learning-friendly environment to all its students. One you enter the university you are bound to find many people, including senior students, teachers as well as the non teaching staff readily helping you with a broad smile.

Once you start interacting with them, you can easily find some very good teachers and senior students to help you through your entire journey. It is good to find your mentor and create a healthy rapport with them so that they can guide you in the right direction.  

It is important to find strong internships as you wil have the right guidance during the hardships

2. Organise Your Studying Methods

Organising and prioritising is an extremely good habit that helps you throughout your life. With dozens of heavy books from Biochemistry to medicines, etc, it is impossible to mug up everything in them, no matter how hard or how long you study. Therefore, it is always advisable to use smart ways to study by organising your study plan and strictly adhering to it. Remember to update these plans in relevance to your exams.

Though it’s intriguing to enjoy college life, bunking classes, and hanging out with your friends, missing out on classes can hamper with your learning and development in the long run. 

Fix your long term goals and plan accordingly. If you wish to qualify FMGE and practice in India or qualify USMLE to study in the USA, you must be well prepared.

3. Make Some Friends

Once done with organising your studies, relax a bit and build a good inter-relationship with your peers. The friendships made in university life can last for a lifetime. Medical study can be rigid, strict and challenging at times, and thus having good friends becomes essential for a strong support system. 

4. Stay Motivated

A doctor can be a demanding profession. At times you might feel like giving up and going back home. At this time it is important to understand that a career, such in the case of medical sciences, requires a lot of dedication, efforts and focus. If you manage to pass this period, the grass on the other side will be promisingly brighter. When things get difficult, they will surely do at some point, always remember your goal and why you embarked on this journey in the first place.

5. Prioritize Your Health

You must have heard the saying, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So, apart from studying hard you would also need to focus on your physical and mental well-being. At Lincoln American University, many events are organised on a regular basis to promote the physical health among the students. Apart from these planned activities, you should also regularly exercise and meditate.

There is a high chance of the days when you’ll end up studying for hours without a break and feel exhausted and at times sick. While it’s important to stay motivated and focused, always remember, health comes first. Take proper diets, keep a tab on your nutrition intake, sleep for at least 6 hours a day to maintain the right levels of energy and focus to face the coming years.

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