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5 Exclusive Benefits Of Studying MD/MBBS in Caribbean Island

Medicine is one of the most popular choices among freshly graduated schoolers across the world. Therefore, it is no wonder that every year millions of doctors graduate from various parts of the world. Being one of the most historical and noble professions in the world, the profession is a requirement of every course of time. 

Over the years, the need for doctors and dreams of becoming doctors have seen a considerable rise, however, the available resources and facilities are still trying to keep up with the pace of demand and thus are far behind. Because of this uneven distribution, between requirements and available facilities, several thousands of students relocate to different countries seeking admission to medical courses.

The latest statistics show that there has been a considerable increase of about 25% in the applications received by the American Medical Colleges since 2019 (source: AAMC). For medical education, which is one of the most challenging yet adored career options across the world, the demand to study in a reputed college is always high. American medical universities are known for the quality, reputation, recognition and opportunities it offers.

However, the option to pursue medical education in America or Canada remains a faraway and inaccessible dream for many due to its complicated travel & visa requirements, expensive cost of living and exorbitant fee charges. 

MD/MBBS in Caribbean Islands has become a popular destination for medical aspirers seeking medical education equivalent to that in the USA but at a much pocket-friendly cost. 

Here are five of the many exclusive benefits of studying MD/MBBS on Caribbean Island:

1. Gateway To An Affordable & Successful Medical Practice In The States

If you are aiming for residency in the USA, you would be required to qualify for USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination), too with a good score. The medical curriculum at most of the medical universities in the Caribbean islands is similar to that of the top medical universities in the United States of America. It is due to this, that the MD/MBBS course curriculum in Caribbean medical universities often follows the best practices of US-based curricula. 

Lincoln American University, School of medicine is one of the most popular and top medical universities in the Caribbean region. Located in nature’s habitat, Guyana, the university holds the prestige of having several acclaimed faculty members and a global educational infrastructure to support the highly advanced practice of the US-based curriculum, that too at many affordable fees and at a pocket-friendly cost of living.

2. Highly Reputed, Well-Accredited & Recognized degree

Reputation, accreditation and recognition of a university play a huge role when it comes to medical education. For the best medical universities in the Caribbean regions, accreditations from various national and international medical boards become extremely important. These accreditations prove that the Caribbean school of medicine can maintain a high standard of clinical training and education to help the students become excellent doctors. 

Lincoln American University, School of Medicine is listed by World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), certified by ECFMG & FAIMER, empanelled by erstwhile MCI and recognised by NAC, Guyana. This makes LAU one of the best choices for all the students who are seeking admissions to study MBBS/MD in the top medical university of Caribbean and wish to work in their home countries or pursue residency in the states.

Once after the completion of their degree, the students can apply for the medical licensing exam in the countries of their choice. The university also has arrangements to facilitate coaching and career guidance for the young doctors to experience the best of their professions. 

3. Hassle-free Admission Procedure

Unlike the admission procedure in most of the medical universities of the world, the medical universities of the Caribbean often have a hassle-free, easy and single window admission procedure. There is absolutely no requirement for the students to qualify any kind of language proficiency test, such as IELTs, TOEFL, etc for admissions in MD/MBBS in Caribbean countries.

Admissions at Lincoln American University is extremely easy with the students fulfilling the eligibility requirements as defined by their respective countries and possessing a passion to become a successful doctor and serve mankind. To study MD/MBBS at LAU, the students are not required to pay up the exorbitant amount in the name of donations and other covert charges.

4. Exposure to Global Diversity

Being a good doctor requires more than excellent clinical knowledge and skills. A global perspective, good communication and interpersonal skills, and empathy are also essential.

The accredited medical colleges in the Caribbean are often found to be attracting the  students from diverse international backgrounds. Being exposed to people from different countries and cultures can expand your perspective.

At present, the Lincoln American University alone has over 160+ international students from 12+ countries across the globe. This makes the learning environment at LAU multicultural, giving the students ample opportunities to explore and experience a vast group of culture, heritage and customs. 

5. Personal Development Beyond the Medical Syllabus

As a doctor, developing a strong sense of empathy is of equal importance along with the academic foundations and clinical experiences. Medical school should not be working on the ideology of all study and no play. Making friends outside the campus, experiencing the real world and exploring the surrounding areas are all equally important for a fulfilled medical school journey.

The Caribbean countries are known for their picturesque surroundings and a ‘paradise’ to the world. From the colorful beaches, surfing waves, rainforest, waterfalls, and so on, the Caribbean countries have all kinds of the beauties and experiences that last more than a lifetime.

In Guyana, be it mountains or beaches, there is a place for you all. During their study at LAU, the students can explore Kanuku Mountains, Port Mourant, Kaieteur National Park, Orinduik Falls, Shell Beach, Mount Roraima, Iwokrama Forest, Kamarang, Anna Regina, etc.

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