Student Services

Lincoln American University was started with the motive to provide a friendly and healthy environment for the students. The university follows the core values that students can only become successful doctors and professionals if they are provided with the right guidance from faculty, support staff, and peers. The students from Guyana as well as abroad are given complete freedom to express their concerns over any topic to their faculty or head of department.

Here are a few services which are available for the students pursuing MD and other programs at LAU.

Student Life:

All the enrolled students at LAU are taught by highly skilled academicians of great repute and knowledge, throughout the course. All faculty members connect with the students because of the ideal teacher-student ratio and help the students to progress in their professional career. Different student bodies are working throughout the year to organize various festivals and cultural activities to enhance the growth of the enrolled students. The management has made special allowances for security of the students to provide them with most secure and conducive environment for pursuing their dreams.

Many academic associations within the premises invite the students to participate in various extracurricular and help them grow in a holistic manner. The accommodations are designed in such a manner to facilitate the students in their inquisitive approach and enhance their development. Any movement within the premises is absolutely secure and makes the student imbibe required skill-set for a successful career ahead.

Key Departments:

When students arrive on LAU, they are moved to a place of cultural diversity, serenity, and warmth. All the student organizations understand the need of students and create a vibrant and diverse community for the enrolled students.

A number of departments are available in the university campus that help students throughout their graduation to become successful physicians. Some of the departments are listed below:

  • Academic Affairs: A department to support the students in their intellectual and academic affairs.
  • Academic Skills Counselling: A department for helping students in understanding their academic skills and provide support in their academic sessions.
  • Campus Administration: The admin department for all the administrative services for students.
  • Housing: A department for assisting the students in providing them on-campus and off-campus accommodation.
  • Library: The LAU campus has a large library with a large volume of reading material and academic resources.
  • Office of Registrar: Department providing faculty and students with timely, accurate service and information.
  • Student Finance: Department for assisting students in financial management and scholarships.
  • Wellness Counselling: A special team of faculty members is dedicated to help the national and international students regarding their health and well being.
  • Security Services: LAU provides a safe environment to the students. A special department for security is available where students and faculty can reach easily for their concerns

Student Facilities:

Various facilities are provided in the campus to contribute in the development of students like

  • Library filled with books from diverse subjects
  • Laboratories equipped with modern technology
  • Cafetaria with multi-cuisine facility
  • Classroom equipped with latest technology to enhance the learning of students
  • Safe & Secure Accommodation
  • Colossal Structures of Academic Centres to provide knowledge in various fields of medicine
  • Incubation & Training Centers
  • Sports Centers with provision for Indoor and Outdoor facilities
  • Transportation
  • Simulation for standardized patients training.