Clinical Science Program

Lincoln American University offers an extensive Clinical Science Program. At LAU, the program in clinical science is committed to train clinical psychologists who want to pursue their career for the promotion of well-being of people around the world. The program promotes the clinical practice as an applied science and seeks to contribute to the basis of evidence that guides principled and efficient psychological services.

Clinical Sciences Curriculum at Lincoln American University is designed to offer the following:

  • Provides complete opportunity to the students to have hands on experience on the clinical services.
  • Provides the opportunity to the students to record a history, perform a physical examination and interpret the findings.
  • Teach the students to perform autonomously correlating the clinical relevance to the basic sciences.

On successful completion of the whole curriculum and satisfactorily meeting all the other requirements, students are awarded with the MD degree. The curriculum for clinical science program at Lincoln American University is designed according to the international standards.

During the semesters, the students are sent for clinical rounds where they get to interact with patients and hospital administrators in affiliated hospitals in the United States and Canada. Students at LAU are guided to perform as team members, analyze laboratory data, experience a physician’s typical day, diagnose patient cases, conduct practical training, and perform limited procedures, such as stitching, blood work, and vaccinations. After completing the Clinical Science Program at LAU, the students come out as professional clinical researchers and doctors.